Jinwoo Kim Art Book
A Paradigm shift

Artist_Jinwoo Kim

Title : Pohang Steel Art Festival 
Subject : All five senses 
Period : Oct. 17 ~ Nov. 1, 2015 
Venues : Pohang Haedo Park area 

Book Design by studio mot

Photo by Junghwan Lee & Jinwoo Kim 

print_offset printing 1K

Jinwoo Kim is an installation artist and engineer. He studied painting at Kyung Hee University's College of Art and is currently working with the fusion of nature, humans, and machines using power and light. With a special interest, he has been working on making new cars since 1999. Currently, he is working on a project that combines nature, humans, and machines with the motif of “evolution” and “new humanity”. He also works with universities and industries developing diverse types of motorized machines. 

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