The Artist Who Walked a Single Path of Photography
Eung-sik Limb on tour

Lee, Kyusang

From pigments to gelatin silver prints and photograms
to snapshots, Eung-sik Limb (1911-2001) was a pioneering
photographer in Korea who experimented and mastered
everything in the photography of the 20th century.
He conformed to the vocation of photography entrusted
to him as an artist. He worked as a photo theorist,
photo educator, and leader of the Korean photography
organization. After the Korean War (June 25th) was over,
he took his camera and went out into the streets.
He met people and took pictures of their lives.
The photographs collected there prove the fact that the
photos are not just mere memories, but an important
medium to convey the times and society. Thus, it tells us
how a record can be art.

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